Pollution Detox TrioPollution Detox Trio
Pollution Detox Trio
Pollution Detox Trio
Pollution Detox TrioPollution Detox Trio
Rs 2,197.00Rs 1,950.00

Your skin’s defence against urban pollution

This refreshing anti-pollution trio protects your skin and reverses the harmful effects of pollution. The tonic mist refreshes, hydrates and protects skin by forming a shield against pollution and free radicals. At the end of each day, the cleanser effectively removes impurities and makeup to leave your skin feeling clean and supple. While you sleep, the overnight cream detoxifies the epidermis and replenishes the skin’s collagen reserves to give you softer, younger looking skin upon waking.

This trio contains:
1 CIEL Anti-Pollution Cleanser
1 CIEL Anti-Pollution Tonic Mist
1 CIEL Anti-Pollution Overnight Cream




Sweet Cherry


Nettle Leaf

Carrot Seed Extract

Horsetail Extract

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Watercress detoxifies, cleanses and strengthens the skin while reducing pore size and inflammation due to urban pollution.

Moringa defends against pollution and skin-ageing through its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

Sweet Cherry revitalises, moisturises and nourishes the skin.

Lecithin strengthens and restores the skin barrier. It promotes skin renewal.

Nettle Leaf prevents skin-ageing and inflammation.

Carrot Seed Extract soothes and cleanses the skin naturally.

Horsetail Extract - Natural astringent that reduces the size of open pores. Tones and tightens skin.