CIEL is High-Performance Skincare.

Our clean, thoughtful formulations use the latest scientifically proven actives to nurture radiant skin.

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The Science of Happy Skin™

At CIEL we choose the finest natural, sustainable, and proven ingredients that meet our standards. Once the ingredients are selected, we conduct efficacy tests to determine the exact levels that maximise their performance on Indian skin while being safe. The claims on our product labels are backed by scientific studies for results that you can see and feel.

While staying strongly committed to potent and result-driven products, we never formulate with Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral oils, Ethyl / Methyl / Isopropyl alcohol, Formaldehyde, Triclosan or any animal derivatives.


The CIEL Advantage

Powered by Clinic Dermatech, with over 14 years of experience with Indian skin, CIEL delivers high-performance skincare without any harmful ingredients.

The relationships we have nurtured with our clients at Clinic Dermatech are invaluable to CIEL. Their guidance has empowered us to consistently evolve and improve our skincare products.

We harness the power of proven ingredients with collaborative innovation for naturally glowing skin!

Over 50,000 men and women
trust CIEL with their skin.

The Best of CIEL

Your Guide To Happy Skin

Happy, glowing skin begins with a well-rounded skincare routine. The goal of any good routine is to maintain and improve skin health, so it’s functioning at its best, and also troubleshoot or target any areas you want to work on.

Here’s how you can incorporate CIEL’s multi-tasking products to help you achieve your ideal skin:


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What our customers say

My face feels clean and fresh but not dry after I use the Anti pollution Cleanser. It gives a soothing feeling and my skin texture has also improved. Plus I like that it has a subtle fragrance since I don’t prefer my skin care to be heavily scented.

PawniAnti-Pollution Cleanser

The Anti Ageing Serum is one of my favourite CIEL products. I have seen such a difference in my skin since I started using it. My fine lines are better, my pores are not as visible AND my skin has a soft glow when I wake up in the morning. I don’t use heavy makeup anymore. Just a little bit of BB cream and I am good to go!

ManishaAnti-Ageing Night Repair Serum

use the Ciel Anti aging Day Cream for both anti ageing and moisturising. It has helped reduce my dark spots and I can feel a slight tightening sensation when I put it on. It feels light on the skin and you don’t need to use too much. One jar has lasted almost three months, well worth the price.

GurmeetAnti-Aging Day Cream

Finally I found a sunblock that doesn’t make my skin look oily. The Ciel SPF 50 spreads evenly and helps me avoid tanning. There's a cooling sensation every time I use it which I love, esp in the summer.

PoojaCooling Sunblock SPF 50

Anti pollution overnight cream - I live in Delhi and my face had become so dull and patchy because of all the dirty air. Ciel's Anti pollution overnight cream really helped improve my texture. It hydrates my sensitive skin and doesn’t cause any redness or itching. My skin feels softer and is starting to look healthy again.

MiniAnti Pollution Overnight Cream

I have been using Ciel's sunblock (SPF 50) daily for years now. It's got a light, oil free texture and my face looks brighter and fresh after I use it.

PrinceCooling Sunblock SPF 50