CIEL means Sky in French.

    Formulated with safe and potent ingredients, CIEL imbues skin with the freshness of a clear, radiant sky. Our clean, thoughtful formulations use the latest scientifically proven actives sourced from around the world. Powered by Clinic Dermatech, CIEL delivers efficient and effective skincare without any harmful ingredients.

    Our promise

      The CIEL promise is our steadfast commitment to deliver products that truly perform. Our goal is to empower men and women to take control of their appearance by offering the most advanced formulations, while adhering to high safety standards and always putting our users’ best interests first.
      We love animals! We do not conduct or participate in any animal testing. All of CIEL's products are 100% cruelty free!
      We do not use any animal-derived ingredients. CIEL is proudly 100% vegan!
      Parabens are a class of preservatives that can alter the hormone mechanisms of the body and may disrupt the production of some hormones. All of CIEL's products are 100% paraben free!
      Mineral oils don’t provide moisture or nutrients to the skin, can clog pores, and may contain harmful allergy-causing impurities. All of CIEL's products are 100% free of mineral oils!

      Commonly found in shampoos & cleansers, sulphates are foaming agents or emulsifiers that can irritate the skin, erode its moisture-barrier, and increase skin sensitivities. CIEL is 100% free of sulphates!

      No Gimmicks, Just Results. No Gimmicks, Just Results.

      The CIEL Advantage

      CIEL is backed by over 14 years of experience with Indian skin. The relationships we have nurtured with our clients at Clinic Dermatech are invaluable to CIEL. Their guidance has empowered us to consistently evolve and improve.

      We harness the power of proven ingredients with collaborative innovation to create clean formulas for naturally glowing skin!

      Over 50,000 men and women

      trust CIEL with their skin.

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