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3 Trending Skin Tightening Ingredients Explained

3 Trending Skin Tightening Ingredients Explained

No one can avoid a decline in skin elasticity as it is a part of ageing. However, you can still take measures to delay this process by taking proper care of your skin. 

Many people today consider opting for medical treatments to slow down the visible effects of advancing age. Apart from such procedures, skincare products with reliable skin tightening agents like hyaluronic acid, pullulan and vitamin C are the best way to deal with ageing skin problems.

CIEL Skincare offers a range of highly effective and dermatologically tested skin care formulations containing hyaluronic acid, pullulan, vitamin C and many more such ingredients that promote skin tightening, firming, and reducing the overall signs of ageing.

Let us walk you through the details of these skin tightening agents and how they help you achieve younger-looking skin.

 1. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the human body, but its production reduces as age advances. It plays a significant role in cellular regeneration, lubrication of connective tissue linked to muscles, and skin reconstruction after injury. Hyaluronic acid also helps your skin channel nutrients and stay hydrated for a long time. In fact, it is what helps your skin stay firm, which is why most dermatologists use it for various anti-ageing procedures. What’s more, it also helps restore your skin on a molecular level and creates a toned, much healthier look. It keeps the moisture locked in and builds a cushion between the cells which ultimately plumps your skin and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of ageing. 

 2. Pullulan

It is a natural fibrous polymer produced by a black yeast called Aureobasidium pullulans. As it contains complex sugars, pullulan acts like an excellent water-binding agent and antioxidant for many skincare products. 

Pullulan is an excellent hydrating ingredient included in CIEL skincare products. It works as a carrier and delivers active ingredients wherever they need to go. Pullulan also has the potential to strengthen the microbiome of the skin. What’s more, it can also provide temporary mechanical support for underlying structures of the skin. The properties of pullulan are being studied further for its therapeutic and firming benefits for the skin. 

 3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is highly popular for its skin brightening and shielding properties, but its benefits are beyond these. Vitamin C is highly acidic and works efficiently in the skin-healing process. It also heals wounds by accelerating collagen and elastin production. These protein fibers help enhance skin cell regeneration and make your skin tighter and firmer. Collagen helps delay the ageing process of the skin and prevents excess pigmentation. Vitamin C also protects your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. A combination of Vitamin C and E is also considered highly effective in preventing sun damage. 

CIEL offers a range of skincare products that contain natural and effective anti-ageing ingredients. Whether you want to target pigment or ageing issues, our range of skincare products would be best for you.