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4 Reasons Why You Might Have A Dull Skin

4 Reasons Why You Might Have A Dull Skin

There are always people in our lives who seem to be naturally blessed with flawless skin. And then there are others, who never miss salon appointments, eat a green diet, workout every day, and still don’t achieve glowing skin. So have you ever given it a thought as to why skin lacks luster and looks dull? 

Although you might think you are doing all the right things, you might still be missing some important elements in your skincare routine that are crucial for a healthy glow.

So it’s time to stop staring into the bathroom mirror and closely look at some of the reasons why your skin looks dull, and follow the solutions given for them. 


1. Dead skin cells


Our skin itself sheds millions of skin cells every day, so unless you do something to remove the ones that do not fall off naturally, you will always have a dull look, no matter what your skin tone is. Consider these dead skin cells as the dust. So if you won’t remove them, it will always look like a dingy layer and prevent your skin from glowing. 

So the best way to get rid of dead skin cells is exfoliation. Consider using a mild exfoliating cleanser that washes away the dirt and dead skin cells to give you a natural glow. Also, make sure to double cleanse your skin regularly to achieve the best results. 


2. Pollution


Pollution is another, majorly affecting skincare problem that people of this century have to face. You are constantly breathing in the polluted air which contains a host of tiny particles such as dirt and sulphur oxide. Not only do they harm your body but they also create free radicals on your skin, which impede natural collagen production and stimulate pigmentation. This can further cause an uneven skin tone and make your skin look dull and lifeless.  

We recommend using the best face wash for skin brightening by CIEL. It is a gentle cleanser that deep purifies your skin and gives your skin a lustrous boost from the first wash itself. 

skin brightening face wash


3. Dehydration


Dehydration is one of the major reasons for dull-looking skin. Without proper moisture, your skin will always look lifeless, but the problem is not just this. Loss of hydration from underneath the skin surface can reduce the thickness of your skin, thus making it feel rough. 

For this, we recommend the best serum for skin brightening. Our Skin Brightening Glow Serum is packed with vitamin C and E to give you a youthful, dewy look. Not only does it improve the radiance, clarity, and texture of your skin, but it also gives your skin the moisture it requires to stay hydrated from within. 

skin brightening glow serum


4. Dark circles


While dark circles don’t do any harm, they are also a sign of dull and tired skin. From stress, sun exposure, lack of sleep and allergies to excessive rubbing of the eyes, there can be several reasons why you have dark circles. 

Regardless of the reason, it is crucial to know that it is one of the most delicate areas of your skin and so, it requires a lot of effort. We suggest the best serum for skin brightening that is specially formulated for the skin around your eyes. Our Skin Brightening Under Eye Serum is an excellent means to reduce dark circles, fine creases and effects of sun damage. 


Skin Brightening Under Eye Serum

If you are looking for skin brightening products that actually work, do not forget to check out our range of premium brightening products. We don’t just promise, but we make sure to deliver the best results to make you and your skin happy.