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How to Choose A Sunscreen For Your Skin

How to Choose A Sunscreen For Your Skin

If you are residing in a country like India where there is abundant sunlight during most of the year, you should not avoid buying a sun defence cream or sunscreen. Applying sunscreen after moisturizer and a minimum of 30 minutes before stepping out are two necessary skincare regimens, which every person should follow regardless of the season and his/her skin type. 


Many females openly admit that they prefer applying sunscreen or sunblock during the summer or winter season and give it a miss during the rainy season. But if you want to avoid the sunburn or premature ageing signs, you should wear it rightly in every season and keep reapplying it after two or three hours. Before discussing how to choose the best sun protection cream for the face as per your skin type, let’s take a brief overview of the benefits of applying sunscreen.


Why Wear Sunscreen?

The sunlight produces both visible and invisible, ultraviolet light (UVL) that penetrates deep inside the skin. The UVL comprises both UVB and UVA wavelengths that cause significant damage to the skin such as skin ageing and sunburn. Prolonged exposure to UVL also leads to skin cancer. The sunscreen comes in a cream or gel form that protects the skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Many high-end sunscreen creams brighten the skin tone and prevent tanning also.


What is SPF?

All sunscreens have an SPF or Sun Protection Factor. This factor gives a fair idea of how long it would protect against the UV rays. The higher the SPF factor, the more protection it would provide. For instance, a sunscreen with SPF 15 provides 150 minutes of protection against harmful UV rays, SPF 30 provides 300 minutes of protection and so on. Besides applying sunscreen on the facial screen, one should apply them on the lips, around the eyes, face, and lips. 

CIEL Skincare offers two varieties of high-performance SPFs in their sun protection category- CIEL Brightening Sunscreen SPF 40 and CIEL Cooling Sunblock SPF 50


CIEL Brightening Sunscreen SPF40 is enriched with Kakadu Plum, the highest source of Vitamin C, SPF 40 prevents the formation of sunspots, defends against free radical-induced damage, and evens out skin tone.


CIEL Cooling Sunblock SPF50 provides superior protection against sun-burn, sun-tan and premature skin-ageing. It is infused with anti-inflammatories that instantly soothe skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin.


Ciel Skincare products are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. They do not contain toxic substances like mineral oils, sulphates, or parabens. CIEL products deliver efficient and effective skincare without any harmful ingredients. These are available online at www.cielskincare.com.

CIEL Sun Defence Cooling Sunblock SPF 50


Buy Sunscreen as Per your Skin Type

If you are interested in purchasing the best sunscreen available in India, the first thing important to consider is your skin type.

Many brands in India offer all skin types of sunscreen that any male or female can use regardless of the skin type. However, skin experts advise using sunscreen as per your skin types as many brands are coming up with sunscreen suitable for dry or oily skin.


Best sunscreen for Dry Skin: If you have dry skin, you can experiment with a sunscreen that is a little greasy. Look for water and sweat-resistant sun defence cream having a lighter base such as spray or alcohol-based lotion. You can choose from any reputed brand but if you want to go for a 100% vegan product, you need to research extensively. It is because only a handful of brands are offering skincare products containing no sulphates, mineral oil, and paraben.


Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin: If you have oily skin, you need to stick with such a sun defence cream that is not greasy i.e. oil-free. Moreover, invest money in those sunscreens, which have non-comedogenic properties i.e. not clogging the pores. The lightweight sunscreens are good for oily skin. If you are ready to spend more, you can even look for anti-ageing and moisturizing properties in it. The best sunscreen for oily skin in India offers dual or triple benefits besides protecting from harmful UV rays.


If you are an ardent lover of pure skincare products, then you should check the following ingredients in a sunscreen:

  1. Fleece Flower
  2. Cocoa Butter
  3. Jojoba Seed Oil
  4. Avocado Oil
  5. Licorice Root
  6. Kiwi or its extracts

These sunscreens may seem pricey than ones available at your chemist or local neighboring store but don't forget that they contain high-quality and all-natural ingredients. Your skin will thank you for the premium care that comes with these premium skin products.


So, if you know your skin type, start your search for the best sunscreen in India. You can search online and even bag an attractive deal as the festive season is around the corner!