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Importance of Removing Makeup Before Bed and Getting it All Off

Importance of Removing Makeup Before Bed and Getting it All Off

Have you ever come home after a long haul office party and exhaustedly crashed into bed only to realize that you are still with your makeup on? You know that regular face washing is important but are too lazy to get back up, right? 

Getting rid of all that heavy makeup after a long day can be a drag. But, do you know what wonders your makeup remover can do? Here, you get to read about the importance of cleaning your face regularly with a face wash or cleanser. 

This little step can save you from numerous skin problems, such as pimples, ageing, allergies and irritation.

There are products like your waterproof eyeliner and heavy matte lipstick that will not go away unless wiped off with a good cleanser. Pick the right cleanser or face wash to save your skin from looking dull or losing its shine. CIEL has a good range of high-performance cleansers and face washes which are 100% vegan and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Very gently, CIEL Anti-Pollution Cleanser removes impurities and makeup and defends skin against harmful effects of pollution. 


Removing Makeup the Right Way 

  • Deeply Purifies Skin 

Our skin is exposed to pollution, dust, harmful UV rays and makeup daily and the reason you should cleanse your face thoroughly before hitting your pillow. The first step towards cleansing is removing your makeup, dust and grime. Your face wash or cleanser will help you get rid of all the impurities and dirt that settle on the surface of your skin.

  • Getting Rid of Blemishes 

Removing your makeup religiously, every night, before going to bed reduces the risk of acne, redness, rashes, blackheads and any blemishes or irritation that can make you look ugly. For supple skin, include a paraben-free face wash in your skincare regime. If it is cruelty-free, then it is a bonus that is good for your skin but also your soul.

To maintain a solid daily skincare routine, including hydrating and moisturizing your skin before applying any makeup PLUS the makeup removal process, you need a CIEL Skin Brightening Face Wash or a CIEL Oil Control Face Wash. These products will not only improve your skin’s health but also will help it glow all day.

  • End it with a Serum

Ending the process with a serum restores your skin’s pH balance. CIEL Anti-Ageing Night Repair Serum is your must-to-have skincare product. It provides an exceptional anti-ageing treatment that reduces fine lines and wrinkle depth. It completes the skin rejuvenation and repair overnight. Skin looks soft, dramatically younger, lifted, and full of life.

Now cleaning your face at the end of the hectic day needn’t be a chore. Selecting the right cleanser suited to your skin needs is the most important thing you can in your daily skincare routine. With no chemicals, CIEL skincare products are safe and gentle on your skin. Now don’t feel any guilt if you need to apply extra makeup now and then, because you know the secret behind keeping your skin healthy afterwards.    

You can now buy these ground-breaking products that list all ingredients on the packaging, keeping in line with international standards at www.cielskincare.com.