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Is Double Cleansing Necessary For Everyone?

Is Double Cleansing Necessary For Everyone?

Face cleansing is one of the first steps of any skincare routine. But what about the technique called double cleansing usually done with an anti-pollution cleanser and a face wash? Is it necessary for everyone? 

While double cleansing can be beneficial in some situations, it is not necessary. It entirely depends on your skin type and the type of makeup and sunscreen you use every day.

What is Double Cleansing?

The concept behind double cleansing starts with using cleansing milk, balm, or similar products to remove your makeup and sunscreen and follow it with a regular water-based cleanser. The initial cleanse clears the way for your regular face wash to purify your skin instead of working its way through the layer of other products giving you a more thorough cleanse.

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In reality, everyone doesn’t need double-cleansing. Popular cleansers such as CIEL Daily Detox Cleanser have been formulated to easily break through and wash away makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and other surface debris. Having that said, people who wear transfer-resistant makeup can benefit from double-cleansing.

Double cleansing with an anti-pollution face cleanser can also benefit if you have oily skin and if your regular cleanser is not removing enough excess oil. However, a harsh cleanser can leave your skin feeling tight and dry. For that reason, it is better to use gentle cleansers like CIEL Daily Detox Cleanser.

The bottom line is that double cleansing is an absolutely personal choice. 

Is Double Cleanse a Healthy Habit?

Double cleansing can be safe and healthy for your skin, provided you use gentle, well-formulated, and fragrance-free products. Although there is no universally best cleanser for double cleansing, some good options include lotion-based liquid cleansers, cream-based cleansers, and cleansing balms followed by a regular water-soluble cleanser suitable for your skin type.

Do Dermatologists Recommend Double Cleansing?

While some dermatologists recommend double cleansing, others do not recommend it as people may end up over-cleansing and leave their skin sensitized and dry. For that reason, the gentleness of the products you use really matters. CIEL Daily Detox Cleanser is an ultra-light cleansing milk that purifies the skin and protects it from everyday stressors. 

Do You Have to Double Cleanse If You Have Dry Skin?

People with dry skin can double cleanse. It is not a necessity but just a choice based on your needs. However, with dry skin, you should pay extra attention to ensure that your cleansing formulas are gentle and moisturizing.

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Should You Double Cleanse Every Day?

Double cleansing is not necessarily something that you have to do every day. You can do it when you feel like it. For example, there might be days when you wear heavy makeup. In this case, double cleansing can be helpful. Other days when you don’t wear makeup, you do not have to double cleanse.