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Sun Defense Cream: 5 Steps To Right Application

Sun Defense Cream: 5 Steps To Right Application

Sunscreen is one of the essential products that every person should have in their skincare routine. It does so much for your skin, like protecting it from premature aging, tanning, sunburn, skin cancer, and more. However, it won’t be as effective unless it’s applied correctly.  

Although no sunscreen can block 100 percent ultraviolet rays, sunburns may also be caused due to the incorrect application of sun protection creams. Even dermatologists say that most people do not follow the directions provided on the sunscreen bottle to re-apply it regularly. Furthermore, using the sunscreen after it has reached its expiry date is not a good idea. By wearing sunscreen for the face correctly every day, you can easily prevent sun damage and reduce your dependence on skin repairing products. 

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Keep reading to know how to apply sun defense creams properly. 

      1. Choose a broad spectrum SPF

Wearing sunscreen below the SPF of 30 is useless. Make sure to choose a sunscreen that comes with an SPF of 30 or more and is water-resistant. Plus, it should also provide broad-spectrum coverage, which means it should protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. CIEL Skin Brightening Sunscreen SPF 40 provides everything a sun defense cream should. It is enriched with Kakadu plum, nature’s highest source of vitamin C that helps prevent the formation of sunspots, prevents free radical damage, sun tanning, and evens out the skin tone. It also contains other ingredients like avocado, olive oil, kiwi, and licorice root that work together to brighten the skin and fade blemishes, giving you a more even skin tone.

sunscreen for the face        2. Wear sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before going outdoors

It takes about 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the sunscreen and shield it properly. If you apply sunscreen and move out immediately, your skin remains unprotected. For that reason, make sure to apply sunscreen religiously all over the sun-exposed body parts for at least 15-20 minutes before leaving your house. 

      3. Re-apply it every two hours

It is crucial to apply sunscreen every two hours or immediately after sweating so that your skin can remain protected. If you don’t apply enough sunscreen on your skin or use expired sunscreen, your skin becomes prone to sunburn. Learn that skin is exposed to harmful UV rays every time you go outside, and at most times even indoors, no matter the weather. 

      4. Apply sunscreen after moisturizer

Many people tend to apply sunscreen before they have applied moisturizer. However, to stay protected, it is better to apply sunscreen on top of moisturizer. After washing your face with a mild cleanser and using your essential face serums, make sure to apply moisturizer, then wait for 1 minute before applying sunscreen. This way, your skin will absorb the products giving them time to work effectively. Sunscreen application is always meant to be the last step of your skincare routine.

sunscreen for the face        5. Dot the sun defense cream on your face

Instead of squeezing a blob onto your hands, make sure to dot the sunscreen all over your face and neck and work using your fingertips to spread it evenly. The dot technique helps absorb the product quickly and evenly into the skin. 

A sunscreen can become your best friend when it comes to preventing aging and achieving flawless, healthy skin. So make sure never to skip this crucial step in your beauty skincare regime. Whether you are looking for sunscreen for oily skin or dry skin, we have covered your every need. Browse through our product page to find the most suitable product for your specific needs.

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At CIEL, our objective is to promote skin health, which is why we produce products that are suitable for all skin types, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and dermatologically tested.