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Under Eye Wrinkles: Causes, Prevention, And Remedies

Under Eye Wrinkles: Causes, Prevention, And Remedies

If you notice lines around your eyes, you are not alone. Ageing is an inevitable process; your skin loses elasticity as you age. Environmental factors such as sun exposure and genetics also play a role in forming wrinkles and fine lines. However, skin brightening under eye serums can help reduce them to a certain extent.

The area surrounding your skin is likely to show earlier signs of ageing because it has thin skin with blood vessels. Under-eye circles and fine lines are a part of getting older. You can address them using various preventative methods and the best under-eye serums for dark circles.  

What are the causes of under-eye circles, fine lines, and wrinkles?

Some common causes of fine lines and under-eye wrinkles are prolonged direct exposure to UV radiation, smoking, environmental factors, repetitive movements, and expressions.

How to prevent under-eye circles, fine lines, and wrinkles at home?

Various products, lifestyle choices, and exercises can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes.

You can adopt lifestyle options such as facial exercises, eating a balanced diet, avoiding sun exposure, getting enough sleep, reducing or quitting smoking, and switching to satin, silk, or copper pillowcases.

You should also add some skincare steps to your skincare routine, like exfoliating, moisturizing, massaging, avoiding harsh products and using paraben-free eye serums.

Some common and helpful ingredients that help with fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are topical vitamin C, retinoids, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and probiotic use.

It is also essential to treat your allergies as they can often cause eye inflammation. It can also make your eyes look red and watery. Avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes as they can contribute to dryness and worsen the condition.

Consider opting for a sunscreen with an SPF of more than 30, such as CIEL Brightening Sunscreen SPF 40. If you are in direct sunlight for several hours, consider wearing sunglasses and a hat. They will help you from squinting your eyes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

What are the remedies for dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles?

CIEL skin brightening under-eye serum is an excellent way to treat under-attack circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. This serum contains essential ingredients such as glutathione, natural arbutin, blueberry extract, vitamin C, and Swiss Garden cress sprout. The best thing about CIEL skin brightening under eye serum is that it is paraben-free; everyone can use it every day and achieve even-toned skin. 

How to use an under eye serum for dark circles and wrinkles?

All you have to do first is ensure that your skin is prepared. For that, cleanse your face and take a pea-sized amount of serum in your palm. Use your fingertip and apply it gently to your under-eye area without rubbing. The serum will get absorbed on its own. Do not forget to moisturize your face after waiting for five minutes of serum application. Moisturize your face using CIEL skin brightening moisturizer, seal the serum, and lock in essential nutrients to boost glow.