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7 Reasons Why Body Yogurt Is A Must For Dry Skin

7 Reasons Why Body Yogurt Is A Must For Dry Skin

Winter is just around the corner, marking the time when people need to moisturise their skin more than usual, especially those with dry skin. 

If your cold creams and body lotions are not offering much protection from the harsh weather, then we have a great option that can quickly replace all your cold creams and body lotions and offer effective moisturisation. CIEL Very Berry Body Yogurt is an excellent way to get rid of the winter woes and give your skin the best you can. 

Let's check out some excellent benefits of body yogurt for dry skin.

       1. Body Yogurt Can Be Easily Applied To Damp Skin

Unlike body lotions and body butter, you do not have to wait for your skin to dry completely if you apply body yogurt. You can easily use CIEL Very Berry Body Yogurt right after you come out of the shower. Doing this will also help your skin retain moisture and keep it happy for a long time.

       2. Body Yogurt Gets Instantly Absorbed Into The Skin  

Unlike other body moisturisers and lotions, you do not have to wait for the body yogurt to get absorbed into your skin. Body yogurts do not take much time to get into your skin as most body lotions do. As a result, you do not have to wait even a few minutes, and you can start dressing immediately! 

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      3. Body Yogurts Offer Long-lasting  Moisturisation 

You would be stunned to know that CIEL Very Berry Body Yogurt can last up to 48 hours! As a result, you do not have to apply it every few hours as you do with body lotions because your skin will still be soft and moisturised when you come back home from work, no matter how harsh the weather is. 

      4. Body Yogurt Has A Light Consistency 

CIEL Very Berry Body Yogurt is a lightweight gel-cream consistency, which makes it easier to spread over large areas. You can easily use it all over your body and keep it thoroughly moisturised, whether it is your inner thighs, arms, or back. 

      5. Body Yogurt Is Non-sticky 

No moisturiser or body lotion can ever take the place of body yogurt in your skincare regime once you start using it. Our body yogurt is non-sticky and gives your skin the smooth and supple touch it deserves. It won't even clog your pores or be extra sticky, so you won't have to worry about acne or other problems. 

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        6. Body Yogurt Can Also Be Used In Summer 

Not only in winter, but you can easily use our body yogurt in the hotter months as well. Unlike body lotions; you won’t feel sticky, sweaty, or irritated with a body yogurt. When it comes to dry skin, you also need moisturisation in hotter months. But using winter moisturisers in the summer months can be a big NO. CIEL Very Berry Body Yogurt is also an excellent way to bid goodbye to the summer dryness. 

      7. Body Yogurt Contains Unique Ingredients 

CIEL Very Berry Body Yogurt contains some amazing ingredients that are highly beneficial for all skin types, including oily and combination skin. One of this body yogurt's key ingredients is hyaluronic acid, an excellent humectant that keeps your skin plump and soft. Other unique key ingredients are strawberry extract, almond oil, blueberry extract, and cranberry extract.