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4 Ingredients That Make The Best Face Wash For Oily Skin

4 Ingredients That Make The Best Face Wash For Oily Skin

Do you have a shiny and greasy face even after cleansing it perfectly? If yes, it is high time to look for an effective face wash for oily skin. Let us help you understand how you can choose face wash for your concerns. 

What Exactly is Oily Skin?

The sebaceous glands in the dermal layer of your skin are responsible for secreting sebum. When these glands are overactive, they produce more oil and cause oily skin. Although you cannot check this oil production, you can definitely manage it, and cleansing your face using the best oil control face wash is one such way. 

How Can The Best Face Wash For Oily Skin Help?

Cleansing is one of the first steps of your skincare routine that removes dirt, oil, makeup, and residue from the surface of your skin. Face cleansers prepare your skin for the next step in your skincare routine. They contain purifying surface-acting agents with hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails. When you cleanse your face, the hydrophilic parts attach to the water and form micelles, and the hydrophobic ones attach themselves to the oil or grease. And this is how they draw out the impurities from the face. 

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What Are The Ingredients to Look Out For Oily Skin Cleansing?

       1. Salicylic Acid

It is a beta hydroxy acid that removes excess oil from the surface of your skin. Salicylic acid clears the damaged layer of your skin and reduces the excess build-up of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. CIEL Oil Control Face Wash contains willow bark, an excellent source of salicylic acid. It has antibiotic properties that help reduce acne. 

       2. Soybean Seed

It is a potent antioxidant that restores and soothes your skin and helps correct uneven skin tone to give you a flawless look. Soybean is also rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which increase collagen production and skin elasticity. 

       3. Glycolic Acid

It is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) used in several cleansers, moisturizers, and toners. Glycolic acid derived from sugarcane has an excellent penetrating effect and is considered a perfect component of face wash for oily skin. CIEL Oil Control Face Wash contains glycolic acid to help prevent skin clogging, which causes breakouts. It is also an excellent exfoliator and removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. 

      4. Niacinamide

It is a form of vitamin B3 that helps control sebum production and controls existing acne on the skin. 

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The Best Face Wash For Oily Skin

CIEL Oil Control Face Wash is packed with willow bark, heart leaf extract, soybean seed, lactobacillus, and mulberry extract. All these ingredients are excellent for controlling excess oil and acne. Check out the product once so you can use it over and over again!